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The network NorBAF (Nordic-Baltic Network - Benthic Algae in Freshwater) is gathering people working with freshwater benthic algae, collect information from east to west, and improve teaching, communication and cooperation between groups. The network is based in the Nordic countries including Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, and Poland in co-operation with other algal groups in Europe. The network is open to anyone who shares our interest.

Network activities consist of several parts

(1) Annual meetings where the network participants meet and learn to know each other, refresh their knowledge about freshwater benthic algae, exchange information about ongoing projects and existing data, discuss and improve methods and plan new projects together.

(2) Annual courses directed towards graduate students, established scientists, and consultants.

(3) Compilation of a database of Nordic freshwater benthic algae, including names, synonyms, morphometrical and molecular data, species image gallery, geographical and ecological information, references, and other available information.

(4) Meet the demands of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD) and ensure the quality of research by increasing the number of people with the necessary knowledge, by intercalibration and by developing methods.

(5) Start the work on a Nordic flora of freshwater benthic algae including algal biodiversity in Nordic lakes and rivers.

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